Why no mention of women’s reservation bill, BRS MLC Kavitha asks about Sonia Gandhi’s letter to PM

Hyderabad: BRS MLC K Kavitha on Wednesday questioned why Congress leader Sonia Gandhi’s letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not list the long pending demand for the Women’s Reservation Bill among issues that the opposition leader wanted the government to take up in the upcoming special session of Parliament.

Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday wrote to the PM to point out that no agenda was listed for the special Parliament session and requested that nine issues, including the violence in Manipur and price rise, be raised for discussion.

“Saddened to see that the urgency for discussing Women’s Reservation Bill was completely ignored in Congress Parliamentary Party Chairperson and MP Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji’s letter to the Prime Minister.

Mrs. Gandhi Ji, the nation awaits your powerful advocacy for gender equality. In your letter to PM Modi, we find 9 crucial issues, but why not the #Women Reservation Bill? Isn’t women’s representation a national imperative,” Kavitha asked in a post on social media platform X.

The issues listed by Gandhi include Centre-state relations, rise in cases of communal tension, border transgressions by China and the demand for a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) to investigate the transactions of the Adani business group in light of several revelations about corrupt practices.

The special Parliament session will be convened from September 18 to 22.

BRS leader Kavitha’s appeal for the Women’s Reservation Bill gained nationwide attention with her letter to 47 political parties, including the Congress and BJP, urging them to unite to ensure the passage of the Bill in Parliament.

Kavitha, daughter of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, sat on a hunger strike earlier in March demanding the tabling and passing of the bill and has been engaging with political parties and civil society organisations across India to escalate the demand for legislation on it.

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