MCD exposes lies spread by Congress and Rahul Gandhi about stray dogs

New Delhi: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Saturday refuted the allegation made by the Congress that stray dogs were picked up in a cruel manner in view of the G20 Summit and termed it “misinformation”.

It said the dogs that were picked up from the roads of the national capital have been kept in proper care and no cruelty or harm has been caused to them.

“It’s high time to say NO TO MISINFORMATION. The video shared here is short on credibility and authenticity. MCD assure one and all that the dogs are picked up on ‘urgent need’ basis and are kept in proper care with medical and other facilities. No cruelty or harm was caused,” the civic body said from its official handle on X.

The Congress shared a video on the microblogging website on Friday, in which it was seen that stray dogs were being pulled by the neck with the help of leashes, and alleged that the canines were picked up in a cruel manner ahead of the G20 Summit.

“Watch this video to witness the shocking cruelty inflicted upon innocent street dogs by the Modi government in preparation for the G20 summit. Dogs are being dragged by their necks, beaten with sticks and thrown into cages. They are being denied food and water, and they are being subjected to extreme stress and fear,” the opposition party wrote on X.

“The Government of India is hiding our poor people and animals. There is no need to hide India’s reality from our guests,” Gandhi, who is currently abroad, said in a post on X on Saturday.

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