List of gender unjust terms issued by SC

New Delhi, Aug 16 (PTI) The Supreme Court on Wednesday launched a handbook on stereotype gender unjust terms and suggested alternative words and phrases for use in the judicial discourse and in orders and judgments.

Following is the list of terms: *Adulteress: Woman who has engaged in sexual relations outside of marriage.

*Affair: Relationship outside of marriage *Bastard: Non-marital child or a child whose parents were not married *Biological sex/biological male/biological female: Sex assigned at birth *Born a girl/boy: Assigned female/male at birth *Career woman: Woman *Carnal intercourse: Sexual intercourse *Chaste woman: Woman *Child prostitute: Child who has been trafficked *Concubine/keep: Woman with whom a man has had romantic or sexual relations outside of marriage *Dutiful wife/faithful wife/good wife/obedient wife: Wife *Easy virtue (e.g. a woman of easy virtue): Woman *Effeminate (when used pejoratively): Accurately describe the characteristic using a gender neutral term (e.g. confident or responsible) *Eve teasing: Street sexual harassment *Faggot: Accurately describe the individual’s sexual orientation (e.g. homosexual or bisexual) *Fallen woman: Woman *Feminine hygiene products: Menstrual products *Forcible rape: Rape *Harlot: Woman *Hermaphrodite: Intersex *Hooker: Sex worker *Hormonal (to describe a woman’s emotional state): Use a gender neutral term to describe the emotion (e.g. compassionate or enthusiastic) *Housewife: Homemaker *Indian woman/western woman: Woman *Ladylike: Use a gender neutral description of behaviour or characteristics (e.g. amusing or assertive) *Layabout/Shirker: Unemployed *Marriageable age: A woman who has attained the legal age required to marry *Mistress: Woman with whom a man has had romantic or sexual relations outside of marriage *Prostitute: Sex worker *Provider/Breadwinner: Employed or earning *Provocative clothing/dress: Clothing/dress *Ravished (e.g. she was “ravished” by him): Sexually harassed/assaulted or raped *Seductress: Woman *Sex change: Sex reassignment or gender transition *Slut: Woman *Spinster: Unmarried woman *Survivor or victim: An individual who has been affected by sexual violence may identify themselves as either a “survivor” or “victim”. Both terms are applicable unless the individual has expressed a preference, in which case the individual’s preference should be respected.

*Transsexual: Transgender *Transvestite: Cross-dresser *Unwed Mother: Mother *Violated (e.g. he violated her): Sexually harassed/assaulted or raped *Whore: Woman *Woman of loose moral/easy virtue/promiscuous woman/wanton woman: Woman PTI PKS ANB ANB

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