J D Chekravarthy reveals why he’s not on social media

New Delhi: Posts and pictures on social media are not enough to convince audiences to watch a film or series if it is not good, believes actor JD Chekravarthy, who is not on any digital platforms.

Chekravarthy, who recently made his Telugu series debut with Disney+ Hotstar’s “Dayaa”, said actors often end up making fun of themselves while promoting their upcoming projects on Facebook or X, formerly called Twitter.

“I am an actor and I have the luxury to choose the work I want to do. How does social media help? If my film or series is coming and the audience likes the promos… If I sit and (share posts) on Facebook, Twitter or social media, you think they will read it? “No, you are making fun of yourself, is what I feel. It’s a myth thinking that… most of the time people say it’s publicity. It didn’t happen much or it happened too much, so people didn’t watch it. Or it got an opening because of that, I disagree with that,” the “Satya” star told PTI in an interview.

If viewers like the trailer of a film or series, they will wait for it, he added.

“If they dislike it, they will never come back to it. I believe on social media… trying to promote or being in touch with people, first and foremost, it’s like you’re wasting time because you’re trying to update, clicking pictures. Whenever I get to see my colleagues (doing that), I find it extremely amusing,” Chekravarthy said.

In the crime thriller series “Dayaa”, the actor plays the title character who discovers a woman’s body in his van. His life takes an unexpected turn as he becomes enmeshed in crime and bloodshed.

Chekravarthy, also known for “Siva”, “Neti Siddhartha”, “Gulabi”, “Vaastu Shastra”, and “Darna Zaroori Hai”, said he finds no difference between the format of films and series. He has previously starred in Hindi series “Taaza Khabar”, also on Disney+ Hotstar.

“I have done three series till now – one is ‘Taaza Khabar’, ‘Dayaa’ and I’ve done one very interesting series in Hindi (yet to be announced). I’m excited about it. Absolutely no difference (between series and films),” he added.

As a director of films such as “Pape Naa Pranam”, “Durga”, and “Homam”, Chekravarthy said the long format of storytelling allows artistes to explore the narrative.

“Probably the director would have more time and more creative space to explain his story but as an actor, I think for me it’s more or less the same,” he said.

Asked to choose between acting and direction, Chekravarthy said he always believes in giving a “convenient answer”.

“Right now, since I’m doing (this series) as an actor, I would say, ‘Wow. I’m just here to become an actor’. Tomorrow, if I direct a film, I would say, yes that day I was lying. I was just born to be behind the camera. Kyunki naam Satya hai. Sirf satya hee boloonga aisa nahin hai…(Just because the name is Satya doesn’t mean that I would only speak the truth).” The actor further said he was blown away by Pavan Sadineni’s direction in “Dayaa”.

“Pavan Sadineni is one of the best directors to have happened to me. I was disappointed with him and I’m still disappointed. Whatever he narrated to me, he never shot that. I mean he shot it much better.” Also featuring Ramya Nambeesan and Eesha Rebba, “Dayaa” is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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