India will lead the world in 2047: Jagdeep Dhankhar

Jaipur: India is going to be on the top of the world by 2047 due to the young generation’s “commitment, directional approach and service to society”, said Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Sunday.

Addressing students at an event at Sainik School in Jhunjhunu district, Dhankhar said India is rising like never before and will lead the world when the nation celebrates the centenary of Independence in 2047.

“You are the future of this country, you will shape this country. But boys and girls, you are lucky. You are fortunate that you are here at a time when India is rising as never before, rise of India is unstoppable, we are going to be world’s number one when we celebrate the centenary of our Independence in 2047,” said Dhankhar.

“And how will it be possible? You people will make it possible. Your commitment, your directional approach, your service to society will make Bharat ever proud,” he added.

Citing the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the south pole of the Moon, Dhankhar said “history was created”.

“Chandrayaan 3 had a soft landing. Successful landing. History was created! India became one of the four countries to have this distinction, but the only country in the world to have the honour of landing on the south pole of the Moon,” he said.

Dhankhar asked the students to never be afraid of failures.

Giving example of the failure of Chandrayaan-2 when Dhankhar was West Bengal governor, he said the landing was not perfect then but the prime minister congratulated the ISRO for 96 per cent success in the mission.

“Never be afraid of failures. Fear of failure reduces your strength quite a lot. Never have tension… You will be able to perform much better. At Sainik School, I always would top in the class. But I was always in fear what would happen if I couldn’t come first? I left the school as the topper. “Later, I realised it doesn’t matter much whether you are on top or second position. So develop your personality in an integrated manner,” he said.

The vice president invited all the students in seven batches to visit Delhi as his guest to have a glimpse of functioning of the Parliament.

“Boys and girls, you are fortunate that you are contributing to India at a time when the country’s glory is being witnessed all over the world. In September 2022, India became the fifth largest economy in the world overtaking the UK. By the end of the decade, India will be the third largest economy,” he said.

The vice president, accompanied by his wife Sudesh Dhankhar, earlier offered prayers at Sri Surya Mandir in Lohargal and Rani Shakti Mandir in Jhunjhunu.

Dhankhar later left for Jaipur where he will be addressing another event at the National Institute of Ayurveda before leaving for the national capital.

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