Book explores Kabir’s life through his poetry, vision

New Delhi: A new book aims to capture the life of mystic poet Kabir through popular legends, his vision and his poetry that has been quoted and translated extensively.

The book, “Drunk on Love: The Life, Vision and Songs of Kabir”, published by HarperCollins India and written by writer-singer Vipul Rikhi, presents the 15th-century poet, as he is described, quoted, and loved in popular imagination.

“Whenever and wherever I perform Kabir songs, people ask me for a book on Kabir which not only captures his life but also the essence of his message. This is that book. Singing Kabir and meeting many lovers of Kabir across India inspired me to write this book, which presents a Kabir who is loved and celebrated by the ordinary people of this country,” author Rikhi said in a statement.

He added that the book brings into one place stories from Kabir’s life, his most famous songs, “as well as his fiercely iconoclastic and inspiring vision”.

Rikhi is known for his work of poetry, fiction and translation based on the oral traditions of Kabir and other Bhakti and Sufi poets.

“In ‘Drunk on Love’, Vipul Rikhi brings the essence of Kabir to a contemporary readership. Through his lived, practical understanding of the centuries-old verses, he reacquaints us with their core wisdom, which we can apply to our own lives. This is Kabir for the modern mind to engage with and learn from,” Swati Chopra, associate publisher, HarperCollins, said.

The book will hit the stands on August 24.

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